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If you wake up each morning feeling tired, sleep apnea, or another sleep disorder might be to blame. At Silenso Clinic in San Diego, California, ear, nose, and throat specialist Paul Schalch Lepe, MD, FACS, and his team might recommend home sleep testing to diagnose your condition so that you can get the treatment and quality sleep your body needs. Schedule an appointment with Silenso Clinic by phone or book online to determine if home sleep testing is right for you.

Home Sleep Testing

What is home sleep testing?


Home sleep testing utilizes WatchPAT™ONE sleep study technology to analyze your breathing patterns during sleep. It helps your provider diagnose obstructive sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders and develop a treatment plan to increase your chance of getting a good night’s rest.

What are the benefits of home sleep testing?


Rather than staying in a sleep center overnight to get monitored for sleep apnea, home sleep testing is:


  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Comfortable


While not as comprehensive as sleep center studies, home sleep testing helps your provider diagnose your condition so they can effectively treat you. It’s a more convenient option than sleeping at a sleep center.

Is home sleep testing right for me?


To find out if you’re a good candidate for home sleep testing, your provider discusses your medical history and examines your airways and breathing. They ask about your symptoms. Daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, waking up gasping for air, or episodes of stopped breathing at night can indicate you’re a good candidate for a home sleep study.

How should I prepare for a home sleep test?


Your Silenso Clinic provider helps you obtain WatchPAT™ONE equipment for home sleep testing. Before you begin the test, you’ll need:


  • WatchPAT™ONE device
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Internet access
  • A pin number from your provider


Upload the WatchPAT™ONE app onto your phone, and insert the battery into your WatchPAT™ONE device. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed, avoid using hand lotions, and remove all jewelry. Remove the sticker from the snoring and body position sensor, and place it on your skin at the upper part of your chest near your neck. Secure it in place with medical tape. 

What happens during home sleep testing?


Just before bed, put the WatchPAT™ONE device on your wrist on your non-dominant hand, and place your finger in the attached finger probe. 


Press the recording button on the WatchPAT™ONE app, and make sure your phone stays within 15 feet of your bed while you sleep. Keep the phone plugged into its charger. When you wake up, end the sleep study recording. 


Wait for the app to transmit your sleep data. Your provider reviews the information, using the data to diagnose any disorder, and offers sleep disorder treatment as needed.


If you suspect you have obstructive sleep apnea or another sleep disorder, ask the Silenso Clinic team if home sleep testing is right for you. Schedule an appointment by phone or online today.


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